1. Out with the old

    Just gave away some of Lysander’s old things. I say old like the stuff is barely out of its new stage. Felt good to help someone who could need it. To give it to them directly and know it’s going to someone who needs it.
    I hope their son gets lots of use out of his outgrown clothes and stuff.

  2. Lysander in his “big boy” bed. He got too big for his other one and could fall out so we brought in his crib.


  3. This is about our newest project, the documentary Surviving Post Partum Depression. Hope you like it.

  4. Sleepy baby. Zzzzzzzz

  5. Me, Jessica and Lysander at the Country and Bluegrass Festival in Gardendale. Lysander had his first festival of this type. He also had his first snow cone. It was tigers blood flavored. We all had fun checking out vendors and listening to music. So much music. We found this nice bridge to nice out from the heat.

  7. alexandraelle:

    My daughter and her best friend. Children are so innocent and full of love. They don’t see color, religious differences or the struggles we all grow to face… I wish they stayed innocent forever. 

    —— Taken by Alex Elle. DO NOT REMOVE TAG LINK.

    Notice to all parents

    (via weloveinterracial)


  8. New tooth

    Talk about a ninja! I had no idea he had a top tooth on the way. He just had two bottom teeth come in. But now his left upper tooth snuck up on us!

  9. Lysander’s first time at Johnny Rockets. We went after the pool so we are still kinda wet.lol

  10. Nix family swimming! Lysander had his first time in a real pool.