1. Lysander and I at Lilliana’s first bday party! There was food and other kids, which Lysander liked.

  2. Lysander is getting to where he can hold his sippy cup all by himself

  3. Two sisters snuggled up for a nap! Izarra and Estrella are so cute!


  4. Pb&J

    Lysander is officially a pb&j fan. He saw Laura eating a one and had a fit till she gave him a bite. After that he was done with his squash baby food! Then we made him a half sandwich and he devoured it! He really likes it.
    I’m glad in a big way. Now I know there is something that he can eat that’s easy to make and that he likes. He’s liking his baby food less and less.

  8. Eating up some chicken fingers

  9. Happy mommy.

  10. Little Lysander taking a nap.