1. Lysander and I at the Toys R Us costume parade October 18, 2014.

  2. Lysander and I at the a

  3. Lysander and I at

  4. Lysander and I at the Toys R Us costume parade. He was ba

  5. Lysander and I at the Toys R Us kids costume parade. I dressed up as Wonder Woman. I was the only adult in costume for the parade. Lysander was Batman. It took awhile to get h


  6. Slide

    Today Lysander, Laura and I went to the park. First we played on the swings. That is Lysander’s usual thing. Laura and I took turns pushing him and swinging ourselves. Then I said we should try him on the slides. Laura agreed and off we went. One of us would be at the top to let him slide down and the other would be at the bottom to catch him. At first he was put off by the slides. Then he grew to like it and even tried sliding down by himself. The only slide he didn’t like was the wavy slide. He just never could get used to that hump in the middle.


  7. Speech therapy

    So I’ve been worried for a little bit about Lysander. He’s one year old and some change and still not talking.
    I called his dr.’s office and left a message with the nurse line asking if I should be worried.
    They called back today and said Dr. Savany wanted to set up an appointment.
    We went in today to his appointment. Dr Savany saw him and assessed him. Mostly he’s on track except walking and talking. He said he might be held too much and not left on the floor enough. That or left on his own in his bed.
    He will have Children’s Hospital set up an appointment for speech therapy. They will also do a hearing test to make sure that he can hear well enough.